Covenants and By-Laws

Linkside III is governed by the following restrictive covenants and by-laws.  These are publicly available in the Greenville County Register of Deeds.

These are a copy of the recorded documents.  A cover letter at the beginning of each document explains the contents.  The documents are grouped by sections in the neighborhood - where you live determines which section applies to you.

Section 1 - From 27 to 200 Rae's Creek Drive and Divot Way

Linkside III HOA Section 1 Covenants and By-Laws.pdf

Section 2 - From 204 to 345 Rae's Creek Drive

Linkside III HOA Section 2 Covenants and By-Laws.pdf

Section 3 - From 347 to 404 Rae's Creek Drive and Golden Bear Court

Linkside III HOA Section 3 Covenants and By-Laws.pdf

Section 4 - Couples Court and Duffer Court

Linkside III HOA Section 4 Covenants and By-Laws.pdf

Section 5 - Bobby Jones Court and Shark Court

Linkside III HOA Section 5 Covenants and By-Laws.pdf

Additional Governing Documents

Here are some additional South Carolina laws and documents regarding Homeowners Associations.

SC Code of Laws - SC Homeoweners Association Act

Code of Laws - Title 27 - Chapter 30 - Homeowners Associations.pdf

SC Department of Consumer Affairs Document